Elsewhere + Home


© Photography by Camilla Adams


Elsewhere + Home was a visual arts project run by Wyldwood Arts. The project was based across Herefordshire, in local nursing homes and care homes, and concluded in a travelling exhibition at the homes in Hereford.

In 2017 we delivered a series of hour long workshops throughout July, August and September. These workshops were focused on encouraging older adults to explore their creativity through different artistic mediums. The sessions aimed to be a space for residents to discuss and creatively respond to the idea of ‘home’. We worked in 4 separate care homes, running 3 sessions for each one. Each session was unique, allowing the residents to get involved in different ways!

Artist Livy Powell led these sessions, and she has also been creating her own work to respond to the creativity and discussion generated from the sessions in the care homes.


Some Quotes from the Residents:

" I can make anything but I don't draw"

"There are a lot more artists around us than people think"

A resident looking at a cat she had painted, " ah yes, that's really striking isn't it."

"The combination of colours in the film and the fading out of images is really gentle. Thank you so much for coming."

Looking at the pencil drawings of the homes, " that is my bedroom"

Our Elsewhere + Home project concluded with an exhibition of the resident’s work.  The exhibition brought together the art from all the care homes we worked in. Livy Powell’s work was also displayed in this exhibition, as a way to show an artist’s response to these creative sessions.


Elsewhere + Home Exhibition Private View  4th June 2018

Elsewhere + Home Exhibition Private View

4th June 2018

Wyldwood Arts