VISION + mission

Wyldwood Arts was established in 2014 by Rachel Adams and Georgina Densley. 

Our VISION is to: 

ENABLE creative encounters for COMMUNITIES and INDIVIDUALS from across the SOUTH WEST, and beyond. 

Our MISSION is to:

Deliver UNIQUE, high quality, participatory ARTS projects and productions that UNITE communities, bringing EMOTIONAL WELLBEING to those involved.

Specialise in INTERGENERATIONAL work. Creating PRODUCTIONS, large-scale community EVENTS, therapeutic and educational PROJECTS that are tailored to individual and group needs. 

Work at the HEART of COMMUNITIES with older people, those with special educational needs, children and young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, and people in rural areas.

COLLABORATE with local ARTISTS and those early in their career, EDUCATIONAL establishments, ARTS organisations and groups whose MISSION align with ours.

If you are interested in collaborating with us, or simply have an idea you would like to explore, we would love to hear from you. hello@wyldwoodarts.co.uk