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Switched On

We partnered with Alliance Homes in 2016 to produce a new digital inclusion project for older people in North Somerset called ‘Switched On’.

 Working with Highdown Primary School pupils over a period of 5 months, the project aimed to demystify technology for older adults in a creative and playful environment whilst teaching them basic skills on devices. 

We also hoped that by doing so, it would reduce their anxiety around using technology and empower residents to feel more confident with computers and different types of computer programmes and equipment.

Over the course of the project, we filmed sessions each week to create a project film based on the idea of an A-Z of Digital Technology. We explored four letters of the alphabet every session, incorporating areas that were most beneficial to the residents. 

 Residents and pupils were fascinated to see how technology can be used to support older adults living in the community, as well as the advances in thinking around ‘playful cities’ and interactive living. We had brilliant feedback from all those who participated, and from everyone who attended the film screening events. Most importantly, all residents felt more confident in their use of digital devices, with many even buying their own iPads to use.

Here are some residents telling us their favourite bits:

‘Seeing what the young people know and we don’t’

 ‘Learning from the young people’

 ‘Meeting and sharing knowledge’

‘Seeing how other people use their iPads’

 ‘We’d definitely carry on if it continued – it’s been so enjoyable’.

​We are thrilled that we will be starting a new, independent Switched On project in September 2017 with Highdown Primary School, and local residents.